Mission Statement

About Us

I.M.P.A.C.T Wellness Center, INC. provides a foundation of development base services for communities and their families. At Impact we provide services that are life enriching, goal oriented, individually focused, strength based, and affordable. At Impact we uphold esteem that cultivates all community and families to create and live balance, healthy lives.


Mission Statement
It is the mission of Impact to provide affordable, quality, educational, behavioral, recreational, and counseling services to individuals and their families.

It is the vision of Impact  to provide the above services with a set of core principles that establishes us as a community staple and provider of choice for  community events, youth and family programming.

Our Values
Impact upholds values and principles that guide our daily operations and philosophy of programming in order to establish a platform that enables children and their families to maintain and/or gain health and wellness are:

Integrity /Ethics: Motivation/Personal Enrichment: Perseverance/Boundaries: Achievement / Goal Completion: Character/Moral Development: Teamwork/Life Fulfillment

Service Delivery
Using our integrative service delivery, I.M.P.A.C.T. will develop the individuals and the families in our programs what we believe to be the “core life principles of development” (Integrity, Motivation, Perseverance, Achievement, Character, and Teamwork, I.M.P.A.C.T).
The development of these core life principles will develop and guide families, as a unit, to control and be aware of their cognitive and emotional responses in order to remove negative behavior and barriers in their daily lives.

By the  utilization of these core principles daily, children and their families develop positive esteem and are empowered to be the best and create balanced, happy, and healthy lives.