Our programs are created and administered from a  skills strengthening, recreational, mentorship manner, which  enables your child to not only practice becoming a balanced and healthy child, but also enhancing critical thinking skills, social awareness, positive behavior modification techniques, more importantly,  the necessary life essentials that will enable them to live healthy and productive lives. The skills that are taught daily to youth who attend our program  are  “core life principles of I.M.P.A.C.T” (INTEGRITY, MOTIVATION, PERSEVERANCE, ACHIEVEMENT, CHARACTER, & TEAMWORK), that enables all persons to live a balanced and healthy life.

Youth who attend our programs  are enriched daily through arts & craft activities, weekly field trips, indoor/outdoor recreation play and development, personal enrichment speakers, and most importantly self-empowerment of each other. Daily educational lessons, create a warm balance to keep youth innovated in learning.

Our learning environment is safe,friendly, where kids grow!!!

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