Therapeutic services are provided to individuals and their families struggling with self-sufficiency and clinically diagnosed issues. Support services are individualized, provided in the least restrictive environment, and targeted to reduce symptoms and behavioral deficits.

We treat a variety of diagnoses and specialize in Depression and Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Sexual Abuse, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Self-Sufficiency, Behavior Modification, and Conflict Resolution.

Our Treatment Modality  focuses on positive solutions, impactful thinking, and building the skills necessary to live a fulfilled life. I.M.P.A.C.T. will help anyone through their most challenging times and create a most impactful experience!

 Autism Social Skills Enrichment Camp (A.S.S.E. Camp)

Camp is a 10 week camp that utilizes teaching interactions and naturalistic discrete trial teaching as its primary method. Camperz will maintain a standard of play/social skills and recreational involvement, all provided in a structured and supportive environment.

  • Children ages 5-10yrs old diagnosed with Autism
  • Children that demonstrate basic conversational skills, demonstrate basic behavioral control (non-violent), demonstrate the ability to learn in a group setting

For more information on our A.S.S.E. Camp click here

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